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The Advent of a Digital State and Government-Business Relations

Apr 2000

Bastow, S., Dunleavy, P., Margetts, H., & Tinkler, J. (2000) The Advent of a ‘Digital State’ and Government-business Relations. Annual Conference of the UK Political Studies Association, London School of Economics and Political Science, 10-13 April.

by Professor Patrick Dunleavy (LSE), Professor Helen Margetts (UCL), Simon Bastow (UCL), and Jane Tinkler (LSE)

Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association 2000, 10-13 April, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

This paper focuses on the relationship between government organizations and large-scale private sector IT contractors working for government. The authors characterize the government IT contracting market in the UK, and investigate the extent to which these private firms are established at the heart of government working and decision-making. The paper examines incentives for public agencies to use private sector firms in large-scale systems integration and management of IT infrastructure, and the implications for the UK State in the future as private firms consolidate their position as critical players in government.

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