Policy and Internet Journal

Editor-in-Chief: Helen Margetts, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Editor: Sandra González Bailón, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
Managing Editor: David Sutcliffe, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Policy & Internet is the first major peer-reviewed journal investigating the implications of the Internet and associated technologies for public policy. The Internet is now the most important international medium of communication and information exchange, embedded in interactions between citizens, firms, governments and NGOs, and bringing with it new practices, norms and structures. The societal shifts enabled by the Internet have major implications for public policy in all sectors, requiring rigorous empirical investigation, theoretical development and methodological innovation across academic disciplines. Policy & Internet fills a crucial gap in policy knowledge and research and will be the premier venue for scholars and researchers to set the public policy agenda in the digital era. The journal produces four issues per year. Owned by the Policy Studies Organization, it is edited by the Oxford Internet Institute and published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Policy & Internet calls for papers reporting on innovative research into any aspect of the implications of the Internet for public policy. To view issues, sign up for email alerts, or submit your next paper, please visit the journal's website.