Policy Learning and Public Sector Information Technology

Aug 2001

Margetts, H., Dunleavy, P., Bastow, S. Tinkler, J., & Yared, H. (2001) Policy learning and public sector information technology: Contractual and E-government Changes in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. American Political Science Association’s Annual Conference 2001, San Francisco, 28 Aug-1 Sept.

by Professor Patrick Dunleavy (LSE and ANU), Professor Helen Margetts (UCL), Simon Bastow (UCL), Jane Tinkler (LSE), and Hala Yared (UCL)

Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the American Political Science Association 2001, 28 August -1 September, Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, US

This paper explores the complex relationship existing between e-government change at national level, ICT government contracting regimes, and the characteristics of different public administrative regimes. The authors examine the relationship between these factors in three main case study countries, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand with supporting evidence from the Netherlands and the US. They focus on the extent of homogenizing effects of large-scale government IT markets on public administrative regimes, the resilience and distinctiveness of these regimes across different countries, and factors influencing successful transition to e-government service delivery models in these countries.

Policy Learning and Public Sector Information Technology: Contractual and E-Government Changes in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand420.34 KB


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