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Citizen Redress: What citizens can do if things go wrong with public services

Mar 2005

Dunleavy, P., Margetts, H., Loughlin, M., Bastow, S., Tinkler, J., Pearce, O., & Bartholomeou, P. (2005) Citizen Redress: What citizens can do if things go wrong with public services. National Audit Office Report by the Comptroller and Auditor General, HC 21 Session 2004-2005, 9 March.

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We were commissioned by the UK National Audit Office to produce a value for money report on the range and scale of redress options for citizens when things go wrong with public services. This report looks at redress across government as a whole, and covers the handling of administrative complaints, appeals, tribunals, Ombudsmen services, and compensation arrangements.

To view the contents of Citizen Redress, please use the links below:

Full Report1.53 MB
Executive Summary213.41 KB
Website Survey and Results315.81 KB
Focus Group Report229.01 KB
Mystery Shopper Exercise164.58 KB
National press coverage of Citizen Redress from 9 March 200537.14 KB


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