E-government and Policy Innovation in Seven Liberal Democracies

Apr 2003

Dunleavy, P., Margetts, H., Bastow, S., & Tinkler, J. (2003) E-government and policy innovation in seven liberal democracies. Political Studies Association's Annual Conference 2003, Leicester University, 15-17 April.

by Professor Patrick Dunleavy (LSE and ANU), Professor Helen Margetts (UCL), Simon Bastow (UCL), Jane Tinkler (LSE).

This paper explores the extent and character of electronic government initiatives in seven countries: Japan, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands. In this complex sector there are no 'perfect' cases, no typical representatives of a wider population. The point of our comparative work is to introduce a requisite degree of diagnostic diversity to help explore the variety of causation patterns operating to differentiate national government characteristics from one another. The primary research methodology used has been detailed Web research and systematic documentation analysis across the three governments, extensive interviewing with over 110 officials and IT industry personnel across our countries (mainly focusing on central governments), and some in depth unobtrusive measures censuses and survey work within the UK carried out by the authors for the UK National Audit Office during 1999 and 2001 (see Dunleavy and Margetts, 1999; 2002).

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